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I have been interested in historical wargaming since I was 13 years old. I have always been interested in military history and military model making. Historical Miniature Wargaming is an excellent combination of the two. I was originally interested in WWII warplane models, making and painting everything from a Stuka to a Halifax bomber (in 1/72 scale). As my interest in wargaming developed I have put together models such as tanks, trucks, guns, and warships. I have also painted up many soldiers from the Zulu War period, Boer War and World War II. My WWI naval miniature collection consists of some British and German warships involved in smaller battles in WWI, and I have the French, Italian, and Austro-Hungarian navies involved in the Mediterranean in WWI. For those of you who don't know what historical miniature wargaming is, I am talking about miniature soldiers for example that stand less than an inch high or warships that are about an inch long. These miniatures are used to represent historical units in a historical recreated battle using rules, dice, and a measuring tape. My first miniature wargame that I played was a Zulu War game (Sword and the Flame ruleset).

I have also been interested in board wargames. I have played hexagonal map wargames ranging from the Siege of Jerusalem (70 AD) to DDay (WWII). The most impressive game that I enjoy the most is the Longest Day. This covers the invasion of France by the Allies, between June 6, 1944 and August 1944. I recommend this game to anyone interested in this invasion/campaign or even WWII. I have played the campaign component of the game twice and found it very fascinating. Playing the full campaign is not for the faint at heart as it takes many hours to complete! (hmm which "summer" was that?).

In January 1997 I joined the Ottawa Miniatures Gamers, a club dedicated to playing historical battles using painted miniatures. The club met at the Canadian War Museum twice a month. I ran Zulu War, WWI naval, and WWII desert wargames at the club.  I have kept myself busy painting soldiers and warships. I recommend anyone interested in military history or historical wargaming to drop by a Historical Miniature Wargaming club near you. If you are a solitaire or multi player historical wargamer I highly recommend joining a club of this sort or create one yourself. You don't need to know any wargaming rules or own any figures...all you have to do is show up and take a look at what is going on, and most likely you'll be able to join right into a game if you want. Another good way to check out the hobby is going to a convention where there is going to some miniature wargaming going on. Now that I am living in Metro Denver, Colorado, there is an excellent wargaming community here. I joined the Colorado Military Historians club in 2001 (I think), and was club Secretary from 2005 to 2012.  I continue to try and make up new fun historic scenarios.

In 2012 I started a wargaming blog: http://elderswargaming.blogspot.com/

Here are some miniature wargames I've run (best , worst ):

Recommended Battles

  • Philippine-American War: 1st Colorado Volunteer Regiment skirmish engagements, 28mm.The Men Who Would Be Kings rules.
  • Vietnam: Battle of Kontum, 10/12mm. Cold War Commander rules.
  • WWII Arctic Convoy to Russia, 1:3000. Multiple rules.
  • Battle of Riachuelo, 1:1200, Iron and Fire rules.
  • War of 1812, 28mm, Musket and Tomahawks rules.
  • First Battle of Gaza (1917), 10mm, Big Table Little Men rules with some custom rules. .
  • WWII Normandy: Battle of Buron (July 8, 1944), 10/12mm. Blitzkrieg-Commander rules. Blog Post
  • Raid on Black Rock, War of 1812, 28mm, Skirmish. Chosen Men rules
  • WWII Naval: Hypethetical battle, Operation Catapult, Sea Wars Fleet Actions rules, 1:2400.
  • Vietnam: Battle of Ia Drang, 10/12mm. Cold War Commander rules.
  • Battle of Flodden (1513), 15mm. Renaissance Principles of War rules.
  • Battle of Henry Hill (First Bull Run), 15mm, Regimental Fire and Fury rules.
  • Battle of Port Republic, Regimental Fire and Fury rules, 15mm
  • Vietnam: Battle of Dai Do, Cold War Commander,12mm.
  • Franco-Austrian War (1859): Battle of Magenta, Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • Anglo-Boer War: Battle of Magersfontein, Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • WWII Eastern Front: Battle of Korsun Pocket, Battle #1: Counterattack (Germans attempting to stop the encirclement), Blitzkrieg-Commander rules, 12mm.
  • Korean War: Pusan Perimeter, North Korean 3rd Infantry Division vs US 1st Cavalry Division, Cold War Commander rules, 12mm.
  • American Civil War: Battle of Olustee, Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • American Civil War Naval: Battle of Trent's Reach, Iron and Fire rules, 1:600. 
  • WWII Naval: Operation Rosselsprung (Hypothetical), Sea Wars Fleet Actions rules, 1:2400.
  • WWII Eastern Front: Tikhvin Campaign, Blitzkrieg-Commander rules, 12mm.
  • French and Indian War: Battle of Sillery (Battle of Sainte-Foy), Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • WWII Naval: Battle off Cape Spartivento, Sea Wars Fleet Actions rules, 1:2400
  • ACW: Battle of Pleasant Hill, Fire and Fury rules, 15mm.
  • ACW: Battle of Prairie Grove, Fire and Fury rules, 15mm.
  • ACW: Battle of Cedar Mountain, Fire and Fury rules, 15mm.
  • Sino-Japanese War (1894-95): Battle of Yalu, You My Fire When Ready Gridley rules, naval battle, 1:2400.
  • War of 1812: Battle of Crysler's Farm, General de Brigade rules, 15mm (pic 1, pic 2, pic 3).

Other Battles

  • WWII Normandy: Canadians vs Germans, Bloody Buron, June 7, 1944, Blitzkrieg-Commander rules, 12mm.
  • WWII Naval: Battle off Samar, Sea Wars Fleet Actions rules, 1:2400. (pic 1).
  • Russo-Japanese War Naval: Battle of Yellow Sea (only main battleship engagement), You My Fire When Ready Gridley 2 rules, Houston's Ships 1:1000.
  • Crimean War: Battle of Balaclava, Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • Napoleonic: Battle of Talavera, Napoleonic Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • Zulu war (1879) battles, British vs Zulus, modified version 1 Sword and the Flame rules, 20mm.
  • Anglo-Boer War: Battle of Colenso, Principles of War rules, 15mm.
  • WWII Desert battles, Germans/Italians vs British, Rapid Fire rules, 20mm.
  • Battle of Coronel, WWI Naval, British vs Germans, modified Seekrieg IV rules, 1:2400.
  • WWI Naval: Battle of Falkland Islands, British vs Germans, modified Seekrieg IV rules, 1:2400.
  • WWI Naval: Hypethetical battle, Austro-Hungarians vs Italians and/or French in Mediterranean, 1:3000.
  • WWI Naval: Battle of Jutland, Battlecruiser action, modified Seekrieg IV rules, 1:2400. I don't recommend this scenerio for Seekrieg.


Other Wargaming Topics:

Upcoming battles (works in progress)

  • Battle of Saint-Denis, 1837, 28mm, Rebels and Patriots rules.
  • Operation Pedestal, 1942, 1:3000 scale, Bomb Alley boardgame rules.

Future scenario ideas

  • Korean War: Battle of Chail-li, 10mm. Cold War Commander.
  • Jacobites: Battle of Prestonpans, 15mm, Not sure which rules yet.
  • British Airborne (June 1944), 10/12mm. Blitzkrieg-Commander rules.
  • WWII: Operation Winter Storm, Blitzkrieg Commander rules, 12mm.
  • Franco-Austrian War (1859): Battle of Solferino, 15mm.
  • Franco-Austrian War (1859): Battle of San Martino, 15mm.
  • Crimean War: Battle of Tchernaya, Sardinian sector, 15mm,
  • Aztec-Conquistador, 25mm.  Not sure which rules yet.
  • Chariot Racing, ?mm, Chariots of Rome boardgame rules.
  • WWII: New Guinea, Dec 18, 1942. Blitzkrieg Commander rules, 10mm.
  • Midway, 1942, Not sure which rules yet.
  • Battle of Hogland, 1788, maybe Grand Fleet Actions in the Age of Sail rules, 1:2400 Tumbling Dice.
  • Battle of LaColle Mill, 1814. Muskets and Tomahawks rules, 28mm Knuckleduster.
  • Battle of Cape Esperance, 1:2400, maybe Naval Thunder rules.
  • WWI in Middle East or Mesopotamia, 10mm
  • Riel Rebellion, 25mm, The Men Who Would Be Kings rules.
  • ACW, 6mm.
  • RJW, 1:3000 or 1:6000 campaign.

My Wargame Rules Ratings ( Excellent , Bad ):

  • Blitzkrieg Commander / Cold War Commander.
  • Fire and Fury.
  • Regimental Fire and Fury.
  • Muskets and Tomahawks.
  • The Men Who Would Be Kings.
  • Principles of War (Colonial).
  • Principles of War (18th Century).
  • Principles of War (Renaissance).
  • Chosen Men - Fat (Napoleonic Skirmish).
  • Iron and Fire (1850-1880 naval).
  • DBN.
  • Field of Battle.
  • General de Brigade.
  • The Sword and the Flame.
  • Johnny Reb.
  • Principles of War (Napoleonic).
  • Zouave.
  • Piquet.
  • AK47 (2nd edition).


  • Naval
    • War of the Triple Alliance: 1:1200: Pithead Miniatures
    • WWI Naval 1:2400: GHQ with some Panzerschiffe.
    • WWI Naval 1:3000: Navwar.
    • WWI Naval 1:6000: Figurehead.
    • WWII Naval 1:2400: GHQ with some Panzerschiffe.
    • WWII Naval 1:3000 NAVWAR, DAVCO, North Head Miniatures, Mick Yarrow
    • RJW Naval 1:1000: Houston's Ships.
    • War of Triple Alliance Naval 1:1200: Pithead Miniatures.
    • ACW Naval 1:600: Thoroughbred Figures.
  • Land
    • Philippine-American War, 28mm: 1898 Miniaturas.
    • WWI, 10mm: Pendraken
    • Vietnam, 12mm: Minifigs and 10mm Pendraken.
    • Franco-Austrian War 1859 15mm: Minifigs and Friekorps.
    • Anglo-Boer War 15mm: Irregular Miniatures with some Minifigs.
    • ACW 15mm: Variety of manufacturers borrowed from friends.
    • Crimean War 15mm: Minifigs.
    • Korean War N scale: Minifigs.
    • Zulu War 20mm plastic: ESCI. I don't recommend plastic.
    • Napoleonic 15mm: Variety of manufacturers borrowed from a friend.
    • War of 1812 28mm: Knuckleduster, 15mm: Falcon Figures from Quartermaster.
    • WWII land N scale: Minifigs and 10mm Pendraken.
    • F&IW 15mm: Variety of manufacturers borrowed from a friend.
    • WWII land 20mm: Wide variety of plastic kits.

Terrain Tutorials

I will be adding more pictures from battles which I have played and other information for those of you who wargame. Contact me if you would like some information from any of the battles listed above. I may or may not still have the info.  Contact Info