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The First Specialized Handbook of Yukon Postcards!

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At almost 30 years in the making, A History and Directory of Yukon Postcards 1897-1942 will delight postcard collectors, historians and all fans of “Canadiana.” Inside you’ll find fascinating stories of the Yukon Territory’s early postcard publishers, business entrepreneurs and colourful characters. Detailed checklists with thousands of listings adorned with over 500 images of classic Yukon Territory postcards will keep you glued to every page. The postcard checklists are organized alphabetically by major and minor publisher, then by publisher number. Images of the fronts and backs of key postcards in every publisher’s set or series are included for identification purposes. Also included are concise histories of some of the more well-known publishers during the picture postcard’s Golden Age (1900–1914). With this document in hand, you will never need another reference book on Yukon Territory postcards.

BOOK DETAILS . 8 by 11 inches; double-laminated soft cover; spiral bound; 320 pages overall with the following sections: Major Yukon Publishers; Other (Secondary) Yukon Publishers; Alaska Highway Sets; Detailed Endnotes and an Index of key personalities and places. This document also has 11 pages in colour.

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ISBN 978-0-9879428-0-7





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